Allison Wolf shares her expertise and insights about the associate retention challenge. Allison’s a sought-after legal coach, writer, and presenter who helps lawyers across North America develop thriving legal practices.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why so many associates are leaving legal practice
  • Why raising compensation isn’t stemming associate attrition
  • What law firms can do to retain associates
  • How developmental networks can help solve the associate retention challenge
  • Tips to help associates build their own developmental networks
  • Associate Mentoring Plus

After we recorded the episode, Allison found what she describes as a “great DIY developmental network resource” that she’d like to share: Find it here

To learn more about Allison and her work – and access some great resources – visit the following websites:

And make sure you read Allison’s article about the associate retention challenge.

This episode contains 50 minutes of Professionalism Content.

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