Modern Training for Lawyers and Law Students with Aaron Baer

Oct 20, 2021

Lawyer/entrepreneur Aaron Baer talks about the two innovative legal training companies he recently co-founded – 4L Academy and Build Your Book Academy.  Aaron’s currently a partner and director of training and development at the Montreal-based digital law firm Renno & Co.

Topics discussed include:

  • Aaron’s journey from lawyer to lawyer/entrepreneur
  • How Aaron’s experiences as a law student and junior lawyer inspired the creation of 4L Academy and Build Your Book Academy
  • What’s missing from traditional law school and law firm training
  • 4L and Build Your Book’s practical, engaging, and modern training approach
  • The connection between legal training and mental health

To learn more about Aaron’s training companies and programs, visit 4L Academy and Build Your Book.

This episode contains 35 minutes of Professionalism Content

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