Group Writing Training

Shelley’s group training is practical, interactive, and engaging.  Shelley custom designs all training programs, drawing on excerpts and practical exercises developed from your own work product. Depending on your needs, a program can focus on either a specific document or legal writing in general.

Training programs typically include two main components: (1) one or more workshops; and (2) follow-up private coaching to build on and reinforce the topics addressed in the workshops. All programs can be delivered on their own, or as part of a larger onboarding process or firm retreat. Most programs are accredited by the Law Society of Ontario for CPD Professionalism Hours.

Sample programs for law firms:

  • Foundational Legal Writing Program for Associates
  • Effective Client Communication
  • Legal Writing and Analysis
  • Avoiding Common Email Perils and Pitfalls
  • Persuasive Legal Writing
  • Writing Investigation Reports Efficiently
  • Writing to Legal Readers
  • Providing Effective Writing Feedback

Sample programs for tribunals:

  • Clear and Effective Writing for Tribunal Counsel
  • Advanced Decision Writing
  • Plain Language Writing for Tribunals
  • Decision Writing Workshops
  • Decision Review Seminar and Workshop