Demystifying Digital Marketing with Annette Choti 

Apr 26, 2023

Digital marketing expert and lawyer, Annette Choti, shares her expertise and advice about digital marketing for lawyers. Annette’s the owner/founder of the legal digital marketing agency Law Quill, a podcaster, and a bestselling author.

Topics discussed include:

  • What SEO is and why it’s important for law firms
  • Creating a digital marketing strategy
    • Branding
    • Website
    • SEO content
    • Social media marketing
  • Repurposing content and using social media scheduling tools
  • How to get free backlinks
  • Why you shouldn’t use AI tools to write content

To learn more about Annette and her work, visit her website, read her blog, listen to her podcast, order her book, or connect with her directly on LinkedIn

This episode contains 40 minutes of Professionalism Content

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