Creating a Happy and Fulfilling Legal Career with Darlene Tonelli

Nov 3, 2021

Darlene Tonelli describes her path to creating a happy and fulfilling legal career, and shares some of the lessons learned along the way. Darlene’s the founder of Inter Alia Law – a very different kind of legal services business. Before founding Inter Alia, Darlene worked in-house at a record label and practiced at a large Bay Street law firm.

Topics discussed include:

  • Inter Alia Law: the business model, Darlene’s blog, and the Lawyer Life Podcast
  • Darlene’s career path and how it led to the creation of Inter Alia Law
  • Differences between practicing in a traditional law firm and working in-house
  • Why so many lawyers feel stuck in their current jobs
  • How to get “unstuck”
  • Advice to lawyers thinking about starting their own firms

To learn more about Inter Alia Law, Darlene’s blog, and the Lawyer Life Podcast, visit Inter Alia Law’s website.

This episode contains 35 minutes of Professionalism Content

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