Simi Botic shares her wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and advice about breaking free from perfection.  Simi’s a corporate lawyer turned holistic health and anti-diet coach, and intuitive eating counsellor, who helps women release their desire to be perfect, and heal their relationships with food and body image. Simi’s also the author of Letting Go of Leo: How I Broke Up with Perfection, a memoir about her own struggles with disordered eating, body image, and perfectionism – and her journey to recovery.

Topics discussed include:

  • How Simi realized the practice of law wasn’t for her
  • The ways perfectionism has shown up in her life
  • How she “broke up with perfection”
  • Advice for lawyers struggling with the pressure to be perfect
  • Tips for breaking free from “the prison of perfectionism”

Here are links to the resources Simi mentioned during our discussion, along with a few others:

You can learn more about Simi, her work, and her book here:

This episode contains 45 minutes of Professionalism Content

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