50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers with Nora Bergman and Chelsy Castro

May 4, 2022

Legal coaches and former practicing attorneys, Nora Bergman and Chelsy Castro, talk about their soon-to-be-released book – 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers: Research-based Strategies to Increase your Personal and Professional Happiness.

Topics discussed include:

  • What inspired Nora and Chelsy to write 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers
  • Happiness
    • What it is
    • Its benefits
    • How to cultivate it
  • Lawyer burnout
    • Warning signs
    • Consequences
    • How to prevent it, or deal with it if you have it
  • Resilience
    • What it is
    • Why it matters
    • Strategies to develop it
  • The “one thing that can change everything”

To learn more about Nora, Chelsy, and their new book visit 50lessonsforhappylawyers.com

This episode contains 1 hour and 10 minutes of Professionalism Content

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